… You had total clarity on how to attract your dream clients

… You knew how to stand out from your competitors

… Your time and efforts spent on marketing actually worked

… You were able to focus on marketing channels that fit your personality, and still get results

… You felt excited and energised about marketing your business

 Sounds good? This is what coaching could help you achieve

3-months "ALL-IN" programme

We take a holistic view at your marketing + create and implement new plans together

2-hours "ROADMAP" session

For when you need one-off advice on a specific issue or project

« My session with Cecile was great. She listens, and takes the time to understand what you want to create. It was so useful to have her asking questions, and showing me things I might not have seen, with a very open mind. I am now very confident about what to do – and super excited! »

Eline, private yoga instructor, Body Mind Co

«Cecile took the time to understand my business needs and offered me practical tools, which I’m already putting in place.»

Jessica, communications coach, Public Persona

«Cecile helped me get better ideas for understanding my target market. She explained how it all works and really opened my eyes wider to the process of marketing.»

Roxan, graphic designer and illustrator, Roxan Illustrations


We take a holistic view at your business + create and implement new plans together

With this programme you will get:

  • Feedback on what you’ve done so far, and troubleshooting on the bits that haven’t worked well
  • Clarity on your niche, and the best channels for reaching your ideal clients
  • New ideas for confidently marketing yourself and your services
  • How-tos for implementation if you’re stuck (website, ads, etc)
  • A detailed action plans for the future
  • Advice on any question you may have (I may not know everything, but I’ll certainly help you move things forwards)

Things we might cover include:

  • Website
  • Content strategy
  • Brand identity and story
  • Advertising
  • User journeys
  • Market research
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics
  • Budgets
  • Teams & resources

How it works:

We catch up on video calls every week for 1 hour (or every 2 weeks for 2 hours if you prefer).

We’ll start by taking stock of your current situation, and make clear plans for you to develop your marketing over 3 months. There will be easy steps between sessions. You’ll be able to reach me anytime via email to bounce ideas or get unstuck – think of me as a colleague.

The programme content will be completely tailored to your current goals and the stage you’re at in your business.

What next? 

If you’re curious, let’s get chatting and see if we’re a good fit. Schedule a free 30 mins taster call to talk about your business and how we could work together.


What happens on the 30 mins call?

We’ll discuss where you’re at with your business and things you need help with. I’ll give you tips and ideas for next steps you can take to solve your most pressing problem. You’ll get a sense of how I work, and if you’re interested I can tell you more about how we can work together.

What is actually included in the 3-months All In?

– 12 weekly 1-hour calls or 6 fortnightly 2-hour calls

– a programme that covers your specific needs and goals

– clear actions to take between calls

– email me anytime for ideas or support, so we can stay in touch between sessions

Is this programme for me?

This one-on-one coaching is especially designed for:

– Small business owners or marketers

– Solopreneurs 

– People with a business idea who need help planning before they launch

If you would like more info, drop me an email or book in a call and I’ll be sure to answer all your questions.

I've got another question

Ask me anything via email or book a free call to have a chat. I’d love to hear from you.


Let’s do an audit of your marketing or narrow down on a specific issue over one long session

With this session you will get:

  • An honest appraisal of your current situation
  • Feedback on your most pressing issue(s)
  • Actionable next steps to get you unstuck

We might do troubleshooting or discuss some of the following:

    • Content Strategy
    • Brand identity and story
    • Advertising
    • Website
    • User journeys
    • Market research
    • Copywriting
    • Teams & resources

How it works:

You send me basic info ahead of the video call and we chat through your current problems and possible solutions.

This time can be used entirely as you wish, based on what is currently going on with your business.

What’s next? 

Interested? Drop me an email with a bit of background info and we’ll take it from there.